After completing a BA hons. degree in glass in the late 1980s, I went onto a career in the care profession. Twenty odd years, two children and a few jobs later, I was able to spend two years at a potter's studio exploring hand building, coiling and carving in clay. My creativity was re-ignited and I went on to rediscover glassmaking at Jacque Pavlosky's Askett glass studio in 2012. 

Having the privilege of learning kiln forming under Tessa Clegg and Stephen Proctor at Farnham Art College I was delighted to continue developing my interest in glass. I then became a member of the Askett Studio Artists, who recently collaborated to make works inspired by the Waddesdon Manor National Trust collection.

After a few years running expressive art workshops in a local school, I decided to train as an art therapist and am currently studying at Hertfordshire University for an MA in art psychotherapy, 2016-2019.

Looking forward, I hope to use my experience with glass and ceramics to provide art therapy whilst continuing to develop my creative practice.

I was recently selected to exhibit at the International Glass Biennale in Stourbridge at the Festival of Glass.

My current work is inspired by water, patterns resulting from erosion and textures found in the natural world.